Communication Partner’s program is divided into three levels and designed to improve the speech of stroke survivors and victims of traumatic brain injury.


Continue Aphasia Therapy at home with our video programs. Our DVDs provide unlimited language stimulation needed to recover skills.


View our 3 levels of videos to determine which ones are right for you or your loved one.



Hear what our customers are saying.

"...I played 2 of the DVD's with my aunt and I am really impressed with the approach. They really seem to get her engaged and motivated to try to say the words and complete...

Linda S.
Ontario, Canada

"I have ordered all your DVD's for my wife. My wife is Aphasic from a bad hemorrhagic bleed in the brain (stroke) about 3 years ago. We have had in home and outpatient...

Jack S.
Willis, TX

"Thank you so much for express shipping the DVD's. They came a few weeks ago. With his speech co-pay so high, we are just using these...They are very well done and without...

Diane D.
Royersford, PA

"There's no question these programs have been very helpful...within a week to 10 days, we began to see results. These dvds have given her goals...something to reach for......

Peter N.
Webster, ME

"Thank you for providing such a great re-learning tool. We greatly appreciate it."

Kelly R.
Pickerinton, OH

"Videos are excellent. He's (husband) doing very well. I was paying a therapist $ 50/hr to come to our home, but I let her go after getting these. He does these everyday...

Rosemary H.
Lindenhurst, NY

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